Innovation Valley’s mission is to up-skill the individuals to make them succeed in their personal, social and business life. At Innovation Valley individuals can learn or teach anything, anywhere anytime. We think our platform is the best way to make this world a better place through learning, up-skilling and knowledge sharing. Rules, Terms and conditions are unavoidable to make our platform safe and reliable for our valued users, learners, instructors and rest of the community. Below mentioned terms and rules are applied to all of our users, learners, instructors or any other users (using our products, Services and platform) via website or otherwise.

If you are using our platform and Services(for example you are learning, publishing course or doing any other activity), then you must agree to our Instructor Agreement If you are an instructor, you must agree to our Learner Agreement (if you are a learner), you must agree to our Community Guidelines (if you are using our platform as a community member).



You need to sign up by providing your name, phone number and email address to use our platform and services. Without signing up with your email address and phone number you can’t use our services. It’s necessary for you to reach the minimum age for using online services (whatever is the policy in your country, in Pakistan case it’s 18 years). You are now allowed to create an account in your name if you are under 18. But we encourage learning for all ages, so you can ask your parents or guardian to create an account in their name and make you learn things under their supervision. To keep your password safe is entirely your responsibility, we never ask to share credentials with anybody. In case if you share your credentials with anybody (including instructor, learner or anybody else), our platform will not be responsible for any kind of damages. So, keep your credentials confidential and safe. If you have any concerns or want to terminate your services you can contact our support team on connect@innovationvalley.pk or our 24/7 help line +92 321 30 11188.


Course Enrollment and Lifetime Access:

When you create and publish a course, you give permission to Innovation Valley to publish the course on all it’s channels to sell it to learners. You agree that you will not copy other instructors' courses or content. That you will not sell any content or course from Innovation Valley to anywhere in the world to anybody or organization. When you sign up as a learner, you agree to the terms (under Learner Agreement at Innovation Valley) that you will not copy content and resell it anywhere.


Payments, Credits, and Refunds:

For making payment at our platform you need to make the payment via valid payment methods. By purchasing a course at our platform or making payment you agree to follow valid payment methods and you authorize our platform to charge the fee from your debit/credit card (you added yourself at our platform). If you are not satisfied due to certain reasons you can apply for a refund before the launch of course (you purchase). If you are not satisfied due to certain reasons you can apply for refund at least 24 hours before the conduction of course. You can send you a refund request on the email connect@innovationvalley.pk with the subject - Request for Refund. You can also call for a refund on our helpline +92 321 30 111 88. While sending us an email for a refund you need to mention your name, username (which is your email address) and course title and course ID you are applying for a refund for.


Content and Behavior Rules:

You can only use Innovation Valley platform for lawful, purposeful and ethical purposes. You are not allowed to publish any kind of content which is against the law, culture and community rules of you society or country you are living in. Innovation Valley has right to delete  content and terminate your account on breaching our "Content, Trust and Safety Policy.


Innovation Valley’s Rights on your Content:

All the content that you publish on Innovation Valley is your property. By publishing your content at Innovation Valley you give permission to Innovation Valley to publish your content on all its channels or publish via other means. If you have any reservation you can let us know at connect@innovationvalley.pk