We are happy, you have joined one of the best learning platforms. We at Innovation Valley, (“Innovation Valley”, “we”, “us”) respect your privacy and informing you here that how Innovation Valley collects and uses data about you. This Privacy Policy of Innovation Valley describes our process of data collection and informs your rights to access, correct, request for deletion or restriction from using your personal data.

This Privacy Policy applies when users visit the Innovation Valley’s website ( for using Innovation Valley’s Services (the “Services”)

By using the services of Innovation Valley, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. We suggest you to not use our services if you don’t agree to our Privacy policy or any other agreement about the Services by Innovation Valley.

  1. What Data we collect?

We collect minimum data from you that you enter yourself, we collect following data from users:

1.1 Data from Learner: name, phone#, email address, education, age, profile picture, residence, username, password create account as learner and recommend best course as per educational background and age.

1.2. Data from Instructor: name, phone#, email address, education, age, profile picture, residence, CNIC#, teaching priorities, username, password create account as instructor and ensures the quality course for learners after evaluation of instructor as per data provided.

1.3. Course Data: Data related to course details like what medium of instruction, online or on campus, course launch date, proposed venue, day, time.

1.4 Student and Instructor Payment Data: We take needful information to process payments online from both instructor and learner.

  1. How do we collect your data?

Users come to our platform (Innovation Valley website, sign up and enter his/her data him/herself. We do not collect by any other means, tools, softwares or third party applications.

  1. How do we use your data?

We process, analyse and use your data to deliver the best learning and teaching experience to the learners and instructors, and to deliver the best services from our platform. We don’t share data with third parties. We use your data to send you our services related information and do communication only if you subscribe our different services. For example, we will send you newsletters only if you have subscribed. You can unsubscribe newsletter service anytime.

  1. Data Security:

Since we know users are so concerned about their data privacy and security, So we have taken necessary measures to ensure the utmost data security and privacy. But in today’s world where the whole world is facing the challenge of unauthorized data access by certain tools or tactics, nobody can claim 100"