Our B2B Products & Services:

Education & Training:

We are providing education & training services to Government and private organisations across Pakistan for Up-Skilling and Re-Skilling of Employees to make them future-ready and cope with Industry 4.0

Interactive (Education & Learning) Technology:

  1. Interactive Board
  2. Interactive Flat Panel
  3. Interactive Table
  4. Digital Standee (Interactive Kiosk)
  5. Immersive Learning Platform (Language Learning Solution)

Innovative Education & Learning Solutions:

  1. Smart/Digital/Interactive Classroom
  2. Smart/Digital/Interactive Auditorium
  3. Innovation Lab.
  4. STEM/Robotics Lab.
  5. AR/VR (Mixed Reality) Lab.

Institution, Education & Learning Management Solutions:

  1. Virtual Classroom
  2. Learning Management System
  3. Campus Management System
  4. AI-Based online-exams Proctoring Solution
  5. Google for Education (Previously Google for Education, G-Suit for Education)